Our Suppliers

American Supplier

Haworth is more than an office furniture manufacturer. From floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, our mix of products offers you endless options for transforming your space as your needs evolve. We design and manufacture product solutions that help you create inspiring spaces. The breadth and strength of our portfolio forms the foundation for creating Organic Workspace, to keep your business nimble and make the most out of your investment.

German Supplier

We are working on the creation of solutions for the worlds of work of tomorrow. We are doing this jointly with partners in more than 74 countries worldwide. With our services, products and unceasing dedication, we help people and companies to shape the future successfully and sustainably

Turkish Supplier

Koleksiyon is known for the clean, understated intelligence of its designs, the quality of its manufacture and its insight into the needs and concerns of clients. Its solutions reclaim the past that we know with colors, sounds and shapes. At the same time, Koleksiyon product designs anticipate the future we do not yet know. The aim is always to pursue excellence and to hold true to certain values.

Spanish Supplier

Forma 5 is a leading company in the field of office furniture and chairs since its inception over 35 years ago.
 Immersed in a market which is constantly changing and with a strong competition, Forma 5 does satisfy a demanding and informed end user.
To reach this objective, Forma 5 makes a strong commitment to innovation, as it is the only way to grow and evolve as a company. This company is in a continuous quest to make their products more efficient and comfortable each time.

Polish Supplier

Nowy Styl Group is an European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for office and public spaces. Thanks to its unique business model, the Group offers an excellent interior furnishing service based on in-depth analysis of customers' needs, efficiency, work organisation, ergonomics and acoustics. Nowy Styl Group's experience as well as technological and production facilities ensure that every offer is 'tailor-made'.

Italian Supplier

Poltrona Frau is a furniture-maker founded in 1912 by Sardinian-born Renzo Frau in Turin, Italy, headquartered since the early 1960s in Tolentino, Italy and specializing in leather seating for interior and automotive applications.

French Supplier

TECSOM - MFA is a French textile flooring manufacturer specialized in the production and distribution of needle punch carpet rolls and tufted carpet tiles. With its long legacy of carpet manufacturing, inherited from the Sommer family, TECSOM - MFA has made its mark on the region of Sedan, in the heart of the Ardennes. Today, the company's continued activity has made it a regional center of innovation and development in the textile floor covering industry. Our products have been installed in a wide variety of environments. From hotels, shops and offices to administrative buildings, train stations and airports, our products have stood the test of time and are widely recognized for their quality.

American Supplier

As the pioneer and leader of office ergonomics, Humanscale makes products that allow workstations to adapt to the user, not the other way around. The innovative executive task chair broke new ground by combining unprecedented functionality with minimal manual controls. Humanscale followed suit with a series of Different seating designs including Liberty, Different World, and Smart chairs.

Italian Supplier

Pedrali is an Italian company producing contemporary furniture for public spaces, offices and homes.
The collection is the result of a careful and accurate research aimed to create industrial design products with original shapes made of plastic, metal, wood as well as upholstered.
A wide range of chairs, tables, complements and lamps exclusively manufactured in Italy at company production sites through a design process which combines tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative brilliance. The production technologies experimentation, the use of different materials and the cooperation with many designers have allowed Pedrali to achieve important awards such as the Compasso d'Oro ADI for the Frida chair.